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Blissful Grandma

April 01, 2018


April Fools

April Fools Day is a tradition in our house. Elaborate plans are concocted to prank each other, and a competition of epic proportion begins when everyone tries to out due the other person. From batteries being removed from the TV remote and the computer mouse to yucky looking plastic spiders put on another sibling’s pillow, nothing is sacred... beware, for you might be next, so remain Alert because you might be the target of the next prank. Family traditions are so important, they help build relationships, assist in bonding between parents and children and maybe you just might learn to laugh together as a family. A good belly laugh touches our very soul, a smile, a giggle can touch our heart like nothing else. So smile today, smile at your family, smile at strangers in the grocery store you just might get a smile back. And again it costs nothing. And to those that celebrate Easter, Happy Easter! He is Risen :)

March 20, 2018


Spring is here!

Spring is in the Air... Stop what you’ve doing & look, take a deep breath and pause for just a moment and really stop to take in the signs of life blooming around us. Daylight Savings time allows us the privilege to enjoy the sunshine later into the day, which encourages us to stay active into the evening dusk, so take advantage of it. Celebrate the sense of renewal, rebirth, a time to reboot and feel optimistic about the days and months ahead. This is a precious time of year to share with your children and grandchildren, get them outside, play, run and just enjoy nature and being outside in the beautiful world around us. Search for bugs, together with your grandchildren make it a date to go see every day the progress of our flowers as they awaken and start to bloom in our flowerbeds. Let your children and grandchildren help you water and feed the plants that give us such beauty. Teach the children to admire and enjoy nature, watch baby birds as they learn to fly from rooftop to tree limbs, watch as the bees pollinate the flowers, don’t miss this opportunity to engage in the opportunity of a one on one learning experience you can share with your grandchildren. This is a priceless opportunity to make memories that will stay with them for a lifetime. And it costs nothing but your time. Children remember when we spend time with them. They crave our attention, it is the most precious gift we can give them. And it is the most rewarding part of being a parent or grandparent. To see the world through a child’s eyes is priceless, try it, I promise it’ll be the most fun you’ve had in a long, long time. Come on now, roll around in the grass, run through the sprinklers, act silly. Life is good, so celebrate your inner child and be happy!!!!

February 24, 2018


STOP and be in the moment!

Groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter, but I’m seeing “Spring is in the air”... my street is lined with gorgeous trees covered in small white flowers, and my flower beds have sprouted beautiful purple flowers. With a crisp winter chill in the air, I watch quietly as several baby birds are using my roof and tangerine tree as props to learn to fly from nest to limb, while Mommy and Daddy Bird hover close by diligently watching their babies’ progress. I can’t help but shake the winter doldrums that had set in after the holidays passed and the hullabaloo calmed down. I smell the excitement of spring & with it comes hope of revival. The rebirth of nature provides the perfect opportunity to really celebrate life & enjoy the world’s beauty. In a world that speeds by a break neck speed, STOP... take a few minutes and truly look at the sky, see the depth of the blue while watching the clouds as they slowly move above us. Just look around you to see the signs of spring that surround us. Taking it all in, let the beauty permeate your soul and feel the calm & peace that only comes when we can truly drop from our shoulders all our fears, anxiety and stressors. This is the most incredible feeling, one that is sorely lacking in everyday life, as we now know it. As I grow older, I appreciate these snapshots of time that have long eluded me in my race to keep up with the endless chores, errands and responsibilities adult life heaps upon us. As I age, I savor every opportunity to “stop & smell the roses”. As children we can’t wait to grow up, as a teenager we can’t wait to turn 21... As a Grandmother, I now refuse to grow up, a relentless battle to remain young at heart that I am committed to win!!!! I do so by seeing the world through my grandchildren’s eyes... enjoy the excitement of battling the Rubix cubes or celebrating that my two year old grandson has started wearing big boy pants instead of diapers. Make every day something to celebrate, sing, dance & most of all tell your family that you love them to the moon & back, right after you remind them they didn’t do their chores. ;) But choose your battles, let dirty dishes sit in the sink a little longer, leave the laundry to wrinkle in the dryer but only if you spend that extra time talking, laughing or dancing with your kids or grandkids. Make every day a choice to enjoy life, be silly and laugh at every opportunity. Smile, it costs you nothing and can mean the world to someone that desperately needs one. Just be happy!!!! I may refuse to act old but it took me this long to figure all this out, don’t waste another day, just be happy & smile its contagious... give it a try!

January 01, 2018


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!


It’s 2018, hard to believe how quickly the years fly by... which only means one thing, I’ll write countless checks & have to void them because I’ll still write 2017 as the year!! HA! What’s the old saying? Can’t teach an old grandma a new trick ;)... I’ve decided I am going to take life a little slower, going to try to savor the important things in life as opposed to... do this now, do that, be perfect & drive myself crazy being everything to everyone. I’m ready to admit it, official news flash; Grandma is not perfect! Give yourself a break this year. Reflect on the past and lean into the new. Happy New Year everyone!

December 27, 2017


Holiday Aftermath

Thanksgiving and Christmas are now behind us... We’ve now had an opportunity to sit back and take a deep breath, but then we begin to hyperventilate when we realize the extent of the mess all the joyous celebration has made in our homes. Holidays are fun, yet hectic but most of all messy. Hang in there ladies and gents, and remember, the kids are still home for a few more days until school starts again after the new year...so kiss that sparkling clean home good bye until next year at least. If the clutter and chaos is making you crazy, set the tone to have the little ones help tidy the house with you. Give them a small task to help with while you tackle more difficult chores. Turn up the music and enjoy the cleanup in anticipation of the New Year.

Children emulate how and what we do, they pick up on our feelings and moods, if we make clean up a dreaded chore then our children will fight us every time we ask for help. Seize upon this opportunity to teach them the virtue of working together and make it fun for everyone. Music makes everything better, dance and sing as you pack up decorations or vacuum the carpet. Sing into the swiffer like it’s a microphone; show your children that chores are a normal part of living and something that can be enjoyable and shared among all family members. Our job as parents and grandparents is to teach; we must educate our children so that they can be productive in the world when the time comes that we will no longer be here to nurture them. Lead by example and remember family is a valuable source of support and encouragement and free babysitting too!!!

At Holiday time, I find myself looking back; I wished I realized earlier that Holidays are for sharing not only giving. If I had to do it again, I’d give less material items to my children, I would have spent more time baking, reading stories and watching Christmas movies or just played games with them. Still would have bought the matching Christmas pajamas and bedding because they make for great Christmas photos, but should have limited the amount of gifts. Most importantly are the family traditions that we have, keep them going year after year as it means so much to children of all ages. I cannot adequately describe the joy you feel when you’re able to see your children grow up; then continue the family traditions on with your grandchildren, it’s priceless. It’s truly a moment in time when happiness fills your soul and the realization that your family values and traditions will continue on... It hits you square, right between the eyes, and the realization is “I did a good job parenting these kids, all the hard work and sacrifice was worth it, these kids were really listening when I thought they were ignoring me”.

The greatest gift of all is something money can’t buy and nothing is sweeter than listening to your grandchildren consumed with laughter during the Christmas family celebration. Remember to take the time to laugh, giggle and play with your family for these are the memories that stay with you in your heart year after year.

Happy New Year with Love from Grandma