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August 26, 2015


Who Am I?

                    I’m a son, who has taken over the family business following in his father’s footsteps. I’m a brother, who successfully coached his younger brother to win a US national championship in cycling. I’m a loyal husband to my high school sweetheart. My love for her grows more every day for more than 10 years now. I’m a soon to be father, which is a role I am most excited to take on. I am also, Santa Claus for my nephews and nieces during Christmas time. Although as they get older they are closer to realizing it's me in the santa suit! Ha! A dog trainer, who loves teaching my dog new tricks. See video. I am a babysitter for my nieces and nephews, which has taught me a lot about children. I’m also a Jiu Jitsu practitioner who empowers children to be bully proof. I love life and grab it by the horns and enjoy every moment of it. I don’t love just one thing, I like all things and I want to do it all. However, I strive to not just do it right but perfectly. I strive to be a perfect husband, brother, friend, dad and even the perfect Santa Clause. I love life and everyone in it that makes it so great and worth while. Follow my story see the blog click here.

Top 3 Sleeping Aids for Pregnancy!

I always wondered how I was going to be able to help my wife sleep better during pregnancy. Fortunately, my family owns a chain of mattress stores, Blissful Sleep, which has given me the knowledge and access to the best products to help her throughout her pregnancy. Here are the top 3 products that are really working well for my wife.

1. Adjustable Base. The adjustable bed delivers so many benefits prior to birth and after. Prior you can elevate your feet relieving lower back pain, sore legs and swelling. You can also sit up comfortably to read and watch TV without the issues of propping up tons of pillows causing neck pain. More importantly, my wife also has terrible acid reflux and some nights has to sleep with her head elevated and having the adjustable base is a life saver. After birth, it will be easier for my wife to feed our son at night without having to get out of bed or prop pillows. It can also just help all moms simply get out of bed after delivery especially if you've had a c-section. It is also a lifesaver for middle of the night feedings for your newborn!

2. A Quality Mattress. The mattress I chose is the leading organic mattress on the market by Blissful Sleep. There is no other mattress I would want my family to sleep on because this is a natural, non-toxic and no toxic off gassing mattress. It keeps not only my wife safe but my son as well.

3. Body Pillow. The Body Pillow, which is a 100% organic wool filled and covered with organic cotton with no synthetic material or chemicals, is a must. My wife hugs that pillow all night, resting her growing belly on top for support. I must admit I'm a little jealous of that pillow. 

The first night I brought all of these products home for her she slept like a baby. She told me her hip and back pain instantly went away and she woke up refreshed.

I really recommend an Organic Mattress by Blissful Sleep for the mattresses and body pillows. It is so important to stay away from petroleum synthetic products that may off gas volatile compounds as it can be absorbed through the skin. Not only is it the safest but it’s the best sleep available that there is!

 Blissful Dad


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