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December 10, 2015


Baby's First Hannukah!

Some of you may not know but our families are both Catholic and Jewish. So we celebrate both! As this may not be something that works out for everyone being of different faiths, it works great for us. We make sure to celebrate both and we have such respect for both. Happy Hannukah everyone!

Baby's First Hannukah!

November 30, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a big deal for our family. We usually get both sides of our families together and have a huge feast! This year was especially enjoyable for me with my son being here. I can't wait until he can enjoy the food with us! Besides the turkey we always have to have sweet potatoes. It is a tradition for us! After dinner, we usually enjoy playing a game together. This year we played Monopoly. What are some of your traditions?

Baby's First ThanksgivingThanksgiving with BabyDad and Son Thanksgiving

October 24, 2015


Baby's First Pumpkin Patch

My wife and I took our son to Underwood Family Farms for his very first Pumpkin Patch experience. He may only be a month old but it was still nice to get out of the house since we haven't done much of that lately with a new baby. Of course, my wife wanted us all in matching plaid! It was really our first official family outing. Everything about having a little family is fun for me. I love both of them so much. We had a really fun time and I highly recommend Underwood Family Farms. They host a harvest festival every year, on every weekend for the month of October. They have games, a petting zoo, play yards, mazes and of course a large Pumpkin Patch. We have decided to make this a yearly family tradition. 

Underwood Family Farms Pumpkin PatchUnderwood Family Farms Harvest FestivalUnderwood Family Farms Pumpkin PatchUnderwood Family FarmsUnderwood Family Farms mom and baby

October 10, 2015


Newborn Photoshoot

My wife wanted to do a newborn photoshoot with our son. I thought it was a great idea. We hired Kimberlee Miller again. The same woman who took our Maternity Photos. She is so talented and we are so happy with them. We decided to stay at home as our son is very little and felt it would be the best and the most comfortable place to shoot. I am so glad we have these photos to cherish forever. Check them out.

Newborn Photoshoot

October 08, 2015


First Bath!

My wife and I could not wait to give our baby boy his first bath. We waited for his umbilical cord to fall off, which took about 2 weeks. We put him in and he loved it. We had such a good time washing our little boy for the first time. It truly is fun and a memorable bonding experience that both parents should do together. Check out some of the photos below.

We decided on the 4 moms bathtub when registering for our baby shower. We are very pleased with our decision. I like the digital temperature gauge. Of course, people put doubts in my head telling me that we didn’t need it and could test with our inner wrist. So I decided to see if I could accurately test the water. I set up the tub and did not turn it on until I thought it was a good temperature. Turns out I wasn’t even close to having it at a safe temperature. So for me, it was already a good investment. Second best thing about the 4 moms bathtub was that it could filter the dirty water out while we washed our son. You keep the water running and open the plug on the side. The dirty water runs out the side while fresh water always goes in. Genius! It doesn't disappoint! Click for the 4 moms Infant Tub

Baby's First Bath 4 Moms BathtubBaby's First Bath 4 Moms Bathtub

October 01, 2015


First Doctor's Visit

Today, my son had his first doctor’s visit. It was short and sweet. The doctor checked his weight and made sure to check his skin for any lingering signs of jaundice. He weighed 7lbs 14oz, which is almost back to birth weight! (It is common for infants to lose weight after delivery.) He is also clear of jaundice and doctor said overall he is a very healthy baby. We were very pleased with our first visit. Our whole appointment lasted only 30 minutes as we were seen right away. Our pediatrician is very knowledgeable and makes us feel at ease.

Newborn First Doctor's VisitDad and Newborn

September 03, 2015


The Stroller & Infant Car Seat

We really did our research on this one. We tried out multiple strollers and even visited a store that allowed us to try it in our car. The stroller we decided on has tons of features and options, is easy to open and close, doesn’t take much room yet big enough for some storage and another seat can easily be added for our next baby in the near future. We chose the Uppa Baby Vista 2015 and the matching Mesa 2015 car seat to go with it. The car seat has an automatic level adjustment that really works better than any other seat I’ve seen. My concern was the level of the seat especially for an infant and the first car ride home. This level option ensured that the baby will not be in an angle where the head can tilt forward. It is so important to not allow movement on an infants neck at this age. The car seat is also very light and has easy to loosen and tighten straps that work with a touch of a button.