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August 26, 2015


Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photo Shoot

What an amazing shoot! First and foremost, big shout out to our photographer Kimberlee Miller Photography! She made it so easy. It was the best shoot I have done so far. I don’t know if it was the fact that it was now for 3 and not just the 2 of us but I really enjoyed it. Not only that but my wife was glowing. I mean look at her! She makes me so happy. And that belly, I am so in love with. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. After the amazing shoot we went up the coast on PCH and had dinner. Altogether it was a great day with my wife. I can keep writing about it but pictures tell the story better than I can...

 Maternity PhotoshootMaternity PhotoshootMaternity PhotoshootMaternity Photoshoot at the BeachMaternity Photoshoot at the BeachMaternity Photoshoot at the BeachMaternity Photoshoot at the BeachMaternity Photoshoot at the Beach MalibuMaternity PhotoshootMaternity Photoshoot at the Beach MalibuMaternity Photoshoot at the Beach MalibuMaternity Photoshoot at the Beach MalibuMaternity Photoshoot at the Beach MalibuMaternity Photoshoot at the Beach MalibuMaternity Photoshoot at the Beach MalibuMaternity Photoshoot at the Beach MalibuMaternity Photoshoot at the Beach MalibuMaternity Photoshoot in Malibu


Need a Photographer in the LA/Camarillo/Ventura Area. Contact our Photographer at 805.529.8480 or email her at kimberlee@kimberleemiller.com.


Blissful Dad

August 26, 2015


Top 3 Sleeping Aids for Pregnancy!

I always wondered how I was going to be able to help my wife sleep better during pregnancy. Fortunately, my family owns a chain of mattress stores, Blissful Sleep, which has given me the knowledge and access to the best products to help her throughout her pregnancy. Here are the top 3 products that are really working well for my wife.

1. Adjustable Base. The adjustable bed delivers so many benefits prior to birth and after. Prior you can elevate your feet relieving lower back pain, sore legs and swelling. You can also sit up comfortably to read and watch TV without the issues of propping up tons of pillows causing neck pain. More importantly, my wife also has terrible acid reflux and some nights has to sleep with her head elevated and having the adjustable base is a life saver. After birth, it will be easier for my wife to feed our son at night without having to get out of bed or prop pillows. It can also just help all moms simply get out of bed after delivery especially if you've had a c-section. It is also a lifesaver for middle of the night feedings for your newborn!

2. A Quality Mattress. The mattress I chose is the leading organic mattress on the market by Blissful Sleep. There is no other mattress I would want my family to sleep on because this is a natural, non-toxic and no toxic off gassing mattress. It keeps not only my wife safe but my son as well.

3. Body Pillow. The Body Pillow, which is a 100% organic wool filled and covered with organic cotton with no synthetic material or chemicals, is a must. My wife hugs that pillow all night, resting her growing belly on top for support. I must admit I'm a little jealous of that pillow. 

The first night I brought all of these products home for her she slept like a baby. She told me her hip and back pain instantly went away and she woke up refreshed.

I really recommend an Organic Mattress by Blissful Sleep for the mattresses and body pillows. It is so important to stay away from petroleum synthetic products that may off gas volatile compounds as it can be absorbed through the skin. Not only is it the safest but it’s the best sleep available that there is!

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Co-ed Baby Shower!

Coed Baby Shower

Why not do a coed baby shower? It’s not a bachelorette party or a girl’s night out or has it been tradition to be only girls for so long because most guys are just not interested in them? In my opinion, this is a party for your soon to be daughter or son and fathers should be part of the celebration. Why should it be anything else than a joint event with friends and family and both parents? Well, my wife and I had just that, a coed baby shower. It was great! Every one that attended had a good time even when it started to rain! We had it catered with good food, lots of fruits and even coconuts to drink. I think it tells a lot about a guy if they want to attend a baby shower. Many of my friends were so excited for me and wanted to be there for my family and I. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? My good friend James walked in holding this huge white teddy bear. Those are the friends that I have in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was the first baby shower that almost all the guys that showed up had been to.

We had a few games of course, one being a questionnaire we called “Who Was It?” My wife put together facts about both of us through the age of one such as what time we were born or how much we weighed at birth and guests had to guess if it was about me or my wife. We also asked family and friends to write a note to Brayden to be given to him on his 18th birthday. I can’t wait to give him these wonderful heartfelt letters in which everyone took the time to write such beautiful words. My wife did a wonderful job picking the cake as well. It was a belly cake as she called it and it tasted just as good as it looked too! We had a great time in the pool and even had a water balloon fight with all the kids. Don’t forget the gifts for Brayden, which were amazing! We got everything we needed from our registry and more. The most exciting gifts were definitely the books with special notes that we had asked for instead of cards. I am very excited to read to my son.


Coed Baby ShowerBaby ShowerBelly Cake Baby Shower

Blissful Dad

Babymoon in Hawaii!


I was driving home one day and decided. We need one last good trip with just the two of us. Some well deserved one on one time before Brayden is here. The last couple of months have been work, home remodeling, eat, sleep and repeat. Now that it is all close to being done, we need to get away. I guess it's called a babymoon. It was funny because my wife asked to go on a trip. I told her we should just stay home, not spend money and save. However, there comes a point when you need to realize when you need to take time out and rest your mind and body. Having my wife pregnant is so wonderful. I don't want to miss this time. We are going on vacation. Life is about experiences, adventures and family. 

A beach was a must for my wife so we decided to stay in the US and go to where other than Hawaii. We have been to Maui twice before and decided it's time for a different island so we decided on Kauai. We took a straight flight from LAX and the flight was 5.5 hours long. We arrived and got shuttled to enterprise where we picked up a white Camaro convertible. We rented a black one in Maui and had a blast, so we knew we wanted to rent one again. A rental car ended up being a must for this island. We had to travel to see most of what the island had to offer. First day, we arrived was a great day! We arrived in the morning with a full day ahead of us, so we of course hit the beach. Funny enough we noticed a lot of babies on this trip and my wife saw about five other pregnant women on their babymoons as well. 

            Over the course of a week we saw the Waimea Canyon, which is compared to that of the Grand Canyon and a must see in Kauai. There is a hiking path at the end of the Canyon and so my wife and I went to explore. We couldn’t help but laugh because of all the stares she got while hiking. My wife is a very active pregnant woman so she tends to get stared at a lot. One woman even yelled, “Good for you mama!” We also drove the coast on the other side of the island all the way to Hanelei Bay, which took us about 5 hours round trip as we stopped at all the beaches and waterfalls on the way. Lastly, we took a catamaran along the Napali Coast and snorkeled in the ocean. We got lucky because only one company allowed my wife on the boat for this activity as others turned us down due to her pregnancy. Kauai is known as the “Garden Isle”. It is a very scenic island and we came to know why. It was a beautiful island and we enjoyed our time together immensely but we were happily reminded how ready we are to start the next chapter in our lives and experience joy through our little one.

Beautiful Pregnant Belly on the Beach in Hawaii

Kauai Waimea CanyonKauai Waimea CanyonKauai Waimea CanyonKauai Waimea Canyon7 Months Pregnant in KauaiKauaiBabymoon in KauaiKauaiHiking Kauai PregnantPregnant Belly in Kauai

Picking a Pediatrician

Yesterday, we had our first appointment with a pediatrician recommended by our gynecologist. It went better than I expected. As first time parents we didn't know exactly what to expect. We knew it was important for our pediatrician to be available after hours for emergencies. We were also concerned with the cleanliness of the office and if it was a solo practice or group practice, which would tell us if we would be seeing one person most of the time or be shifted around with different doctors. My wife's mother told us you'll just know if they are a good fit by how you feel when you enter the office and meet the pediatrician for the first time. She was so right. We entered the office and right away felt comfortable. We were impressed by the cleanliness of the office and the friendliness of the staff. The Doctor came to greet us out in the waiting room and took us back into his office. He started the conversation out with a joke to lighten the mood, which was nice to see he could be light hearted. He already had a whole pitch that you could tell he was use to giving all first time parents, however it really did answer all the questions we had plus some. After 30 years of practice, i'm sure he knew exactly what most people wanted to hear and that was fine with us. To help all of my other first time blissful parents out there, I will give a list of important questions you may want to consider!
  • Do they take your insurance?
  • Is the office clean and staff friendly/helpful?
  • How long do you have to wait?
  • Is it a solo or group practice? (If it is a solo practice you will see one doctor most of the time and you are able to establish a relationship with them.)
  • How many years have they been in practice?
  • What are the office hours? 
  • How can they be reached after hours for emergencies or a sick child?
  • Are calls for routine /non-emergency questions encouraged?
  • Do they keep up with the latest medical advances?
  • When will be our first visit after the delivery?
  • There were also some more personal questions that my wife wanted to ask to get to know him better. -What do you like best about your job? Do you have children?
It may also be helpful to know your pediatricians views on breastfeeding, antibiotics, vaccinations etc. as you may want to have a pediatrician who has similiar views for raising and caring for your child as you do. 
Lastly, as much as we liked our Doctor. It is important to meet with at least 2 or 3 pediatricians. You may want to have a few experiences to narrow down your choice. I know that only time will tell. We are hoping for the best and going with our intuition! 

Baby Nursery

Baby Brayden's Nursery

As some of you may know, I like to do things myself. Not only is it fun to get things ready for my son but I also like the sense of accomplishment I feel when taking care of things myself. My wife always tells me she married me because I’m handy around the house. HA! So when it came time to do the nursery, I was excited to get it ready. My wife picked out the paint color and had the idea for a striped wall. We used non-toxic paint for his room, which I believe is so important. Check out our photos.


Stripes in Baby Nursery 

 Nursery Name LettersFixing NurseryNurseryNursery Name LettersBeautiful Baby Boy Nursery

March 21, 2015


The Gender Reveal!

The day is here!! We finally found out if we are going to be having a boy or a girl. What an amazing set up by my sister in law who was the only one to know the gender of our little one. Team Blue or Team Pink. The bets were taken. We even had color coordinating drinks. We popped a balloon to reveal either pink or blue confetti. And baby V is a...Gender Reveal Cake



Blissful Dad