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Wow! We are Pregnant. I’m a Blissful Dad that’s for sure! I couldn’t be happier my wife and I decided to start a family. We planned it all. This is such a happy time I want to document everything about it hence the Blissful Dad Blog. Let’s start from the beginning…

When we decided to try for a baby I wanted so badly to start my family off with a baby boy. So I did the research searching how to increase the chances of making a boy. Basically, research said start as close to ovulation as possible and it gives you better chances of a boy. If we were to start too early it would be greater chances for a girl as girl sperm live longer than the boy sperm (go figure!). So we looked at the calendar tracked the last 3 months and hoped we were right. We didn’t use any devices like the ovulation tools that are sold on the market.

Boy it was more nerve racking than I thought. Did it work? Are we pregnant? Did we miss the ovulation window? All of these things played in our heads as we waited. We wanted to have a baby. We were so ready. My wife and I are high school sweethearts. I proposed to her in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower after 5 years together; we got married 2 years after that and 9 years later together, we decided to get pregnant! We were more than ready. So of course a few weeks into it we excitedly go purchase a pregnancy test. It came back negative. I of course was disappointed but there could be reasons why it could have come back negative. Too early possibly where certain chemicals aren’t being produced enough to make the test positive. I was scared that it would be difficult to make a baby and it would take a few tries. So we went on. Follow our story see our blog click here.